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Just wanted to say im still here. Lurking in the shadows.

I am getting back into drawing finally though! I have two trades in the works atm, the first with the amazing :iconjamsnjellies: (see her part here: and check out the rest of her gallery) and the second with the incredible :iconsampleguy: ,check his stuff out too! I hope to have the first done in the next few days and the second by the end of this weekend. So FINALLY will have something new to post.

Oh, and if anyone is interested in why I kinda disappeared.. I am now a father! My daughter is 3 months old now and holy cow does life change.



Somehow I passed 1000 watchers without noticing!  Thank you all! I really appreciate it.


Working on a couple pieces for :iconmaster303: , and a trade off on and on but other than that I'm completely caught up with all I've been doing lately. So hopefully I will be able to post here more and I'll be able to take some more commissions if any of you have been waiting.




I have a few open slots for commissions if anyone is interested. Pretty much willing to try anything you want to throw at me. 

Because of the time it takes to draw each image there is a slight increase in price from when I originally started taking commissions. Now it will be a flat $10 per fully inked and colored character. I'm willing to talk about pricing for comic pages or partial characters as well.

Let me know if you're interested!




Finally getting around to posting another journal! I have been pretty much a ghost on here for quite a while now and thought I'd poke back in.

The last couple months have been.. hectic, to say the least. It will be cooling down now I hope. The last thing on my plate at the moment will be closing on my new house loan and actually moving in. I close today, move in this weekend. After that I'm really hoping to get back drawing.

And just so everyone else knows the projects in the previous journal entry were all completed long long ago and I didn't leave them hanging in the wind. Though I do have one last part of a pretty large commission to finish that Im really trying to complete before I move.

Anyway, I'm almost to a place where I'll have some time again and I look forward to returning to DA!

Just wanted to let those who watch me (400 now!!) that I am still alive. I have 7 projects I am in the middle of rather than my usual habit of working on one thing until it is done.

Here are some updates for those who are waiting for art from me.


AP/TG/Racechange sequence: Complete!

AR commission: Coloring (75%)

Thrandrall commission: Inking (20%)

TG commission : Sketching (60%)


Link TG sequence for :iconeduartboudewijn: : Complete!

BE of Terra Brandford for :iconchaosecho: Inking (80 %)  (Also late on this, hope to finish it up for you soon.)


I am also working on a TG sequence idea for myself but with all of the above work it's been back burnered lol =)

Hope that's helpful for those that are involved!

Welp, figured it was about time I posted a journal.

First of all thanks! I have had this account for just under two months and am nearly to 10,000 page views and just shy of 250 watchers. Didn't expect it and really appreciate the interest.

Second I have had several people ask me about commissions which was surprising. I haven't given any real thought to the idea of selling my art and am not exactly sure of the best way to go about it. But for those of you that are interested I thought I might as well give it a shot.

I really am not sure exactly where I'll end up going with this but for now..

Inked : $6, Inked and Flat Color $8, Inked and Color Shaded $10.

Examples: Commish Examples by Nymic-Tf

EDIT* I've decided to change a little. If you want a sequence it would be $2 cheaper for the second and third and $ 3 dollars cheaper after that. So for example a 3 part inked uncolored sequence would be $ 6 for the first and $ 4 for the second and third for a total of $14. And any additional parts would be $3.

Hope that's not confusing!

As I mentioned I'm trying to keep it simple at first though if you are interested in a commission we can talk about anything additional ie multiple characters, backgrounds etc.

As far as contet goes I'll give whatever pinup a go and try almost any transformation TG, AR, BE, Shrinking, etc. So if you have an idea just note me about it. If I have an issue with content for some reason I'll let you know and we can talk about it.

All payments would be through Pay Pal.

Thanks again for all the support!